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Subtle Ways To Convey Higher Value

This game seems to be all about conveying higher value and modeling it after the way naturals do it. Knowing this, I thought I'd take a look at some of the subtle things that I naturally do to convey higher value when interacting with a woman:

1) I judge first.

When you are the first person to make a judgment about someone, it subtlety conveys higher value. For instance, if I were to ask about a woman's clothes or career, and then give a positive or negative response afterwards, it gives me slightly more value than her by setting me up as the person who decides whether something is cool or not.

2) I show disinterest before she does.

And I don't mean negging. My style of game is to get the woman talking as much as possible, and the more she talks, the more likely I'm going to find something that I don't like about her. For instance, she might start talking about where she works at, and I'll tell her that I don't like the kinds of girls that work at those places. The person with higher value will almost always let the person of lower value know that they don't like something about them, even if it is very subtle.

3) I start name calling first.

I don't do this with the intention of hurting anyone's feelings, but I naturally start calling women names before they call me one. If I call a woman a nerd out of nowhere, I am assumed to have higher value. People of lower value will never risk calling someone of higher value a name to their face.

4) I make women prove things to me.

When I say "prove it" about whatever, it sets me up as the person that needs to be appeased. Again, I am assuming higher value. Girl says that she is a good drinker? I tell her to prove it. Girl says that she is a good dancer? I tell her to prove it. Girl says that she is a good singer? I tell her to prove it.

5) I tell women that they are so full of shit.

When someone says something outlandish, I let them know that I think they're full of shit. When you do this, once again, higher value is assumed. A person of lower value would never let someone of higher value know that they think they are full of shit.

These are four very subtle ways that you can convey higher value with women and start pulling the attraction momentum your way.

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