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Dealing With Women And Friends

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake Iceland. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.
Ok I'll make this nice and looonnnng,

Most (95% probably) male friends of mine who are around my age - 21, are basically complete losers, a fact I have just recently noticed after REALLY seeing the info in your blog begin to manifest in my life, and not just reading pua shit on the comp (by trying it and FAILING miserably, but actually not quitting like a pussy, and learning. I swear this shit is like Karate Kid, and the Sensei dude smacks you down until you get the shit right). Your last entry about negative men never getting laid, should probably be nominated for the FUCKING Pulitzer Prize (blog version of course!). I was once this way, and I can tell ya, it's a FUCKING downward spiral of loss that can only be defeated by complete escape, like u said- POSITIVE (be it). Ok here's the questions-

1- Other than completely banning most negative losers from my life, is there any way to get those I actually care about and have known for years to man the FUCK up? I wanna see them try, FAIL, try FAIL, then succeed like me (well I will succeed soon enough), but, like I was when I was negative, THEY KNOW EVERYTHING, and can be told nothing. ( I swear one guy i know is fucking 30, at home with mama, on the Xbox, knows EVERYTHING, but almost cried over a girl (18 yrs old) who he met on the Xbox...). Told him about ur info but as u know- KNOWING IS ONLY HALF THE BATTLE....

2- How do you avoid unecessary fights at all costs (also when IS it necessary?)
And how do you know when it's not safe (in terms of crazy ass jealous dudes), to be at assholishness maximus?
I'm NO FUCKING PUSSY, but, where i live, ppl like to shoot at alphas in clubs and... well... anywhere basically.... WTF to do?

3- This might suck ass as a question, but, although not relevant to pickup, you mentioned this before.... WOMEN WHO ACT LIKE FUCKING MEN and expect you to submit to their will.... like at work, chicks in the family (my age) and shit- what do you do when you really cannot be an asshole back? Do you suck it up, or just fuckin go all in and be an ass anyway?

4- Ok, NO HOMO, but in all seriousness, what is your opinion on the ability of a man and woman to actually love each other? Just wondering, because this info of yours is really showin me the "game" and it seems almost infinite.... like "love" is just complete bull that hot chicks sit around laughing about, but i dunno whats ur take?

5- Sorry if already covered, but if you had to choose a THIRD style of approach (aside from ass and direct)?


1. Find new friends. If your old friends don't want to be down, then whatever. Don't waste your time trying to convince them. If you want to try, then pick up a girl right in front of them while you're out. This usually changes their minds, and they'll end up wanting to learn more from you. At the very least, you can simply keep them as friends, but just don't keep them as guys you go out to pick up women with. That's what I do.

2. I don't start unnecessary fights. I'm usually the guy keeping my friends out of trouble. that being said, I don't even deal with sets that have guys in them, so that threat is minimized. That, and I don't do anything too crazy that would make someone want to fight me. Learn to walk away unless physically threatened. The guy who gets the first hit usually wins fight. One more thing: don't go to ghetto clubs where people are known to shoot.

3. If she can be an ass to me, then I can be an ass to her. Just be smart and don't sexually harass women or say anything that can get you fired. If you can't say anything back, just ignore them. It usually pisses women off when you ignore them as if they aren't even worthy of a response.

4. Love isn't bullshit. You just gotta see things for what they are. I think that most men think of the scandalous club sluts when they think of women. Not all women are that way. I'm talking to one girl now and she is one of the sweetest women that I have ever met.

5. I don't have a third style. However, I do tend to lace my conversations with a little it of NLP and indirect game from time to time. However, most of the time I am usually completely direct or assholish and fun. One of the two.