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Asshole Game Versus Direct Game

I already revealed how I use two very distinct styles of game: asshole game and direct game. I tend to mix the two, but depending on what I want, I lean heavily one way or the other when I’m out. If you’ve read my guides, then you know that The Assanova Method works on your confidence and direct game, and you also know that Assanova’s Chick Crack is more geared towards being a really fun guy that everyone loves. But under what conditions would I use one style over the other?

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First, let’s talk about the conditions under which I would use my direct style of game. If I’m looking for a girlfriend, I would use my style of direct game. Why? Because I would want to establish the attraction right away and actually get to know the girl. This means that I’m going to have a more chill vibe and get her personal background to see if she is the right woman for me. For all of you guys just looking for a girlfriend or potential wife, this is the style of game that I would recommend.

Under what other condition would I use my style of direct game? I’d use it if I were looking for a one night stand THAT NIGHT. Don’t worry, I’ll explain what I mean when I get over to asshole game. If I’m looking for sex, I can’t risk wasting time on a maybe girl. I need to know very early on that I’m going to have sex. So, if it is your goal to get laid THAT NIGHT, then you should use my style of direct game.

The downside of direct game, is that you will constantly find yourself having to repeat the same process every single time you go out, which can drain a lot of energy. You really can’t build on it. You have to start over from the beginning with each new girl. With asshole game, the process becomes automatic, and you have a lot to build off of every night you go out, such as women that are already comfortable with you, and having instant social proof.

Moving on to asshole game. Think of asshole game as a bond or trust fund that pays out later. You don’t have to establish the mutual attraction (I don’t). What you are doing is making yourself a very attractive individual to be around. Some girls are going to be immediately sexually attracted to you and will make an effort to make something happen, while others will see you as a really cool guy that they want in their social circle. Either way, it’s a win for you.

Either you’re going to end up with a girl choosing up on you hardcore because you’re really funny, or you’re going to get a bunch of girls that just think you are funny and a really cool guy to hang around. With the latter, you’re going to find yourself being invited out all the time, and you’re going to meet a lot of people. Asshole game is great for building a social circle fast, simply because you’re going to be the most popular person in it.

And what this sets up, are situations later on for a SHITLOAD of one night stands to occur. I did a lot of this in college. I amassed a ton of friends using asshole game, and what this did, was set up a lot of situations where I was constantly meeting new women, and I’d end up in a lot of those late night situations where we were just out drinking with friends, and somehow ended up having sex. The way women saw it was “Hey, this guy is safe. I know him, and I’m horny.” and boom, we‘d end up having sex.

Anyone will tell you that when you’re a guy on the inside of a social circle, the chances of you getting laid by a particular girl skyrocket. And when you’re a really fun guy, women will constantly be introducing you to their hot friends. Your phone will be blowing up every weekend with women asking you what you’re up to and if you just want to come hang out.

The downside of asshole game, is that it takes time to get the ball rolling, and if you’re looking for a girlfriend, it’s not a good way to screen for if a girl is really going to be good for you in the long term. Also, if it is your goal to get laid that night, it doesn’t work as efficiently as direct game. Is it possible? Yes. It’s just not as efficient as direct game when it comes to getting a one night stand THAT NIGHT.

That being said, I want to reiterate that once you get the ball rolling, it is much easier to consistently pull one night stands since you’ll have many women that are already comfortable with you, you’ll have instant social proof, get invited to many social events with groups of women, and you’ll find yourself in many instances where you’re just hanging out late at night, the girl is horny, and you’ll just happen to be the lucky guy.

To summarize, here’s a little list I put together of the positives and negatives of both styles of game based on my experiences over the years:

Direct Game: Uses Assanova’s Super Model

+Great for finding a serious girlfriend that you actually connect with.
+Great for getting a one night stand now.
+Great for building confidence with women.
+Great for becoming a more masculine man that people greatly respect.
+Great for if you're getting heavy indicators of interest and want to quickly make sex happen.
-Not great for building a social circle because of the all or nothing approach.
-You have to start all over again every single night via cold approach.

Asshole Game: Uses Assanova’s Rapid Seduction Model

+Great for many easy one night stands later; instant rapport.
+Great for building a social circle.
+Great for meeting new women (friends of friends); very easy to hop from girl to girl.
+Instant social proof when doing a cold approach (going to bars with your female friends).
+Guaranteed to get a second meet-up; funny men are very attractive to women.
-If you're not smart enough to catch on to a woman's heavy indicators of interest and act on them quickly via switching to direct game(for a ONS), then you can lose her.
-Although getting a one night stand now is possible, it isn’t guaranteed; can waste time.
-Not great for finding a girlfriend that you actually connect with.
-Won’t solve your confidence issues.

Based on the above, you should be able to tell what style best suits you. If you’re an older guy looking for a potential wife, then you’re obviously going to go direct. If you are only in town for a night and looking for sex, then you’re obviously going to go direct. If you’re having issues with your confidence, then you’re obviously going to go direct. I also want to make clear that to get laid using either style of game, women do have to find you sexually attractive in one way or another.

If you aren’t set on finding anything serious anytime soon, then you’re obviously going to go with Asshole Game. If you’re willing to invest time before sex, then you’re obviously going to go with Asshole Game. And if you have little or no friends, and you want some, then you’re obviously going to go with Asshole Game. The choice is yours. Figure out what you want, and then go for it by using whichever style of game best suits your situation. I have guides to handle both.

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