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How to apply Luminos!


29 Oct 2018 07:09 PM

We associate dark colours, such as black, to very hot surfaces when we expose them to the sun. This happens because dark colours formulated with traditional pigments absorb all the solar radiation. 50% of the sun's energy comes through infrared (IR) radiation. Infrared (IR) radiation is responsible for heating the surface. Luminos Cold is formulated with special pigments that reflect IR radiation, conserving its original colour in visible light while keeping the surface cooler.
Luminos Cold, blacks and cooler dark colours.

Under conditions of strong exposure to the sun, you can achieve a difference of up to 10°C between Luminos Cold Black and a regular black formulated with normal pigments.

The images show the surface temperature after exposing two black coatings to the midday summer sun in Barcelona for a few hours. The one on the left is painted with Luminos Cold Black. The one on the right is painted with a standard black product.

This difference in temperature is enough for the wood treated with Luminos Cold to be more pleasant to the touch.


  • Benefits
  • Improve  film durability due minor thermal degradation.
  • More pleasant feeling to the touch.
  • Improve durability of the film/wood system due minor thermal degradation.

With Luminos Cold, you can paint chairs, tables, garden sheds, etc. in very dark colours, ensuring optimal protection and minimal heating in the sun.